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Finding safe, comfortable, affordable care for seniors is incredibly challenging. Even if you have long-term care insurance, it may not offer the protection you hoped for.

As our population ages, insurance companies are struggling to keep up with long-term care claims. People are living longer, which means more claims and financial strain for insurers. Many companies have stopped selling these policies or significantly reduced the benefits they offer. However, they are still obligated to honor the policies they have already sold, putting them in a tough financial position. They are losing money on these policies and are therefore motivated to deny claims.

While long-term care is commonly associated with retirees and the elderly, the need can arise at any age. To discuss your LTC coverage questions and concerns, reach out for the skilled legal guidance of an experienced San Francisco long-term care insurance attorney

The Scope of Long-Term Care Benefits

Most long-term care policies offered by employers are subject to the federal restrictions outlined by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Individuals can also purchase their own policies. 

LTC insurance and the benefits it affords vary from policy to policy, but the kinds of benefits that are generally addressed include the following:

  • Long-term care in a nursing home or assisted living facility
  • Long-term assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs) provided by an in-home caregiver
  • Home modifications that make remaining at home more manageable
  • Assistive devices that make remaining at home more manageable

A knowledgeable San Francisco long-term care insurance attorney can help you understand exactly what is covered by your policy and help you seek the full benefits you are entitled to.

Are You Eligible for LTC Benefits?

Those who are eligible for LTC benefits include policyholders or covered individuals who’ve experienced a condition like the following that requires ongoing assistance or care: 

  • The need for help with activities of daily living
  • A chronic condition
  • A disability
  • Serious cognitive impairment, including the kind caused by dementia

The kind of assistance related to the activities of daily living that generally trigger LTC benefits include the following:

  • The inability to get in and out of one’s bed or chair or to ambulate
  • An inability to dress oneself
  • An inability to prepare one’s own meals or to feed oneself
  • The inability to master one’s own toileting needs
  • The inability to bathe oneself or to address one’s own personal hygiene needs 

Generally, you must have at least two ADL deficits in order to be eligible for LTC. 

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The capable San Francisco long-term care insurance attorneys at Monahan Tucker Law are well acquainted with the techniques insurance providers use to deny claims altogether and to provide decreased coverage, and we have the legal insight and experience to fight back. We have an impressive history of helping clients like you obtain the full range of benefits they’re owed, and we’re here for you, too. To learn more about what we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us today. 


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