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Monahan Tucker Law is a trusted law firm dedicated to serving clients with their ERISA needs. ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, is a federal law that affects millions of Americans every year. This law was enacted to protect workers’ retirement and health benefits, ensuring they receive the employment welfare benefits promised by their employers. At our firm, we have a skilled team that is committed to fighting for the rights of employees and their benefits.

Understanding ERISA

ERISA regulates employee benefit plans offered by employers, providing essential protections for employees. The law mandates that employers must provide participants with crucial documents such as a summary plan description, a plan document, and annual reports. If an insurance claim under an ERISA plan is denied, employees are required to appeal the denial within six months before considering any legal action.

One significant aspect of ERISA cases is that they are typically heard by a judge without a jury, and the trial usually involves a hearing without witnesses. The court can only order the payment of benefits already owed and, if appropriate, reinstate your claim—future benefits cannot be mandated.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced ERISA Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of ERISA claims requires knowledge and experience. Hiring an experienced ERISA lawyer is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Legal Guidance: An ERISA lawyer provides counsel throughout the claims process, ensuring all necessary steps and documentation are correctly handled.
  2. In-depth Knowledge: Understanding the intricate regulations of ERISA and how they apply to your specific situation can be challenging. We have extensive knowledge of both ERISA and non-ERISA plans.
  3. Appeal Process: If your claim is denied, an experienced lawyer can effectively navigate the appeals process, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.
  4. Litigation Experience: Should your case proceed to litigation, having a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of ERISA litigation can make a significant difference in the results.

Monahan Tucker Law’s Services

At Monahan Tucker Law, we offer comprehensive services to address various aspects of ERISA and insurance-related issues:

  • Disability Insurance Claims Review & Appeals: We meticulously review disability insurance claims and handle appeals to ensure our clients receive the benefits that they deserve.
  • Disability Insurance Litigation: Our seasoned attorneys represent clients in complex litigation involving disability insurance disputes.
  • Life Insurance Litigation: We advocate for clients in life insurance cases, ensuring beneficiaries receive the full amount due.
  • Long Term Care Disputes: Our firm addresses disputes regarding long-term care insurance, protecting clients’ rights to adequate care.
  • Insurance Bad Faith Litigation: Our team fights against unjust insurance practices, holding companies accountable for bad faith actions.

Why Choose Monahan Tucker Law?

Choosing the right law firm is essential for navigating the intricate landscape of ERISA claims. Here’s why Monahan Tucker Law stands out:

  • Direct Access to Attorneys: Unlike many firms, we ensure you always speak directly to a lawyer, not a paralegal or secretary.
  • Decades of Experience: Our firm has decades of experience and a history of success in insurance litigation.
  • Personalized Attention: We are committed to providing individualized attention, addressing your unique needs and concerns.
  • Exceptional Results: We are recognized for achieving consistently outstanding results for our clients, leveraging our knowledge to prevail in complex cases.
  • Comprehensive Support: From the initial consultation to the conclusion of your case, we manage all logistics, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.

Contact Us

If you are facing an ERISA-related issue or need assistance with an insurance claim, contact Monahan Tucker Law today. Our experienced Seattle ERISA lawyers are here to provide the legal counsel you need to protect your rights and secure the benefits you deserve. Your claim is our cause—let us help you navigate this challenging journey successfully.


Our attorneys have decades of experience with insurance litigation and an unparalleled track record of success.


Your trust is important to us. From our first consultation through litigation, we will be transparent with you, and we will hear you every step of the way.


We are one of the rare firms that can provide first-hand knowledge of how your insurer thinks and reacts, and has consistently prevailed in some of the most complex and high value insurance disputes seen in ERISA and non-ERISA litigation.


Our attorneys trained at some of the most aggressive large law firms in the world. Though we believe there are usually better ways to litigate and resolve disputes, our opposition does not always agree. When necessary, we are masters of unrelenting, tenacious litigation. When you hire us, you turn the insurer’s previous weapon against it.


We do this work because we want to be here, for you. We understand what you have been through, and that everyone has times where they need support. One of the strongest steps for yourself and your family is to ask us for help. Together, we’ve got this.

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