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I found myself in the middle of an awkward interaction with an insurance company and was in fear of how to handle it. Stacy helped me understand my options and empowered me with information about how to move forward. Had they not responded the way I had hoped, I was very thankful to have her in my back pocket. I found Stacy to be responsive, communicative, calming, and very helpful.



I empathize with you that you find yourself in need of a Disability Insurance Attorney. Stacy Tucker empathized, and compassionately assisted me throughout a very difficult, complicated and drawn-out legal process. I was very satisfied with the result we ultimately obtained. Stacy’s effort, creativity and persistence got us there The progression of my case was not straight forward. My previous attorney argued my claim in court, but was given leave to withdraw from the case before it was decided, leaving me in an incredibly difficult situation. Facing the possibility of even more financial devastation, I needed to find an attorney willing to represent an already partially briefed proceeding in Federal court. I was referred to Stacy from another attorney who had handled a recent case with the same Insurance provider and employer. That attorney had provided me a list, Stacy was at the top of it. I contacted almost every possible ERISA disability insurance attorney in the 9th circuit. None would take my case, owing to the issues with the previously briefed claims. Stacy stepped up. Almost immediately and without caveat. Stacy and her firm took on the responsibility of my pending claims before the court and represented me up to the ultimate conclusion of my claims. Stacy was patient. So patient. Stacy walked me through and educated me on all the aspects and limitations of ERISA litigation. I had been humiliated and felt abused by the actions and circumstances of the process up to that point. I had taken it upon myself to exhaustively read about ERISA. Stacy fielded every question and every hypothetical approach I could muster in handling the case. She did this repeatedly, without any gripe or dismissive response. She educated me and guided me through what is and is not possible. She never promised anything she couldn’t deliver. She was responsive. I never felt that I was being forced into anything by circumstances. In the ERISA insurance litigation process there are many external conditions and circumstances that may have impact on a claim. Stacy was clear and concise about what she thought would yield the best outcome, and clearly explained what the possible pitfalls and undesirable outcomes could be, should any judgement or result be unfavorable. There’s never any way of knowing what the optimal outcome of any of these situations is. There are so many obstacles along the way. I would suggest you educate yourself, as much as possible, come to a realistic and informed idea of what an obtainable result is. Then you can rely on a smart, upstanding, capable attorney in Stacy to help you get there.

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Stacy Tucker is a knowledgeable, skilled attorney who you want on your side. In a difficult LTD case, with complicating factors, Stacy fought hard to get me the best possible outcome. I was wrongly denied benefits by my LTD carrier and the way the LTD plan was written was highly unfavorable in my circumstances. Stacy is very knowledgeable about these kinds of difficult cases and was strategic about how to best resolve the case. She listened to my concerns about how the insurer and employer were handling my case and looked for ways to advocate for my position. The documents she drafted were very well written and she was great to talk to about my case. I highly recommend Stacy Tucker.



Excellent attorney! Could not be any better! Stacy helped me with my long-term disability case. After fighting with the insurance company on my own, I was exhausted and frustrated. After the very first conversation with Stacy, I knew I could rest easy and I was in good hands. She handled everything with the insurance company and negotiated an excellent settlement for me that gave me financial but also mostly emotional peace of mind. I firmly believe without a doubt that she was the best attorney for the job. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, matter of fact, friendly, she responds quickly, explains things thoroughly, and she is fearless. She will file in court if needed, and not back down. She really advocates for the client. She did the initial evaluation of my case, saw the value and the wrong that had been done and fought for my case as if it were here own, while of course always leaving me the choices to make because it was my case. She cares a LOT. She always wanted me to make informed decisions, and she always supported the decisions that I made. She and this firm are believers in taking care of the client and it showed at all times. There is nothing I can say that would ever begin to do justice to the wonderful job Stacy did to settle my case. They really go above and beyond, and I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone struggling with disability insurance issues.



Stacy is extremely efficient and responsive to my frequent questions. She works seamlessly with a team of well seasoned experts in insurance law. We are most grateful to have her guidance during the entire process from day one to finish.



Stacy is great. Her emails kept me abreast of every thing that was happening. Her explanations of things put my reservations at rest. Stacy is wonderful. I was lucky to get this attorney. Stacy was highly rated on the internet. My wife found the firm on the internet. Stacy is highly recommended. Very Highly.

Anonymous Client


First of all, we won a big settlement! More importantly, Stacy and her team kept me informed regarding the case status, showed great compassion and instilled confidence. All this during a time where I was so very overwhelmed with grief and generally feeling pretty beat up. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.


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