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Why Choose Us?

Mostly because we win–a LOT.

Stacy Monahan Tucker has been practicing law for over twenty years and has been counsel of record in over 200 matters. Of those 200+ cases, she has lost…two of them.[1]

The other 198 or so cases, Stacy either won outright, or settled favorably for her client.

Why is our track record so good? We know many cases settle. The trick is to know when settlement is the right call, and when pushing to trial is the way to go. We have won all but two trials in our decades of practice, and despite having those trial wins appealed a dozen times, have never lost in appellate court.

We are a boutique litigation firm. We are not a firm that takes hundreds of cases a year and tries to settle as many as possible, as quickly as possible, in an attempt to turn our law firm into a volume-based business. There are many law firms that “churn” clients this way, accepting low-ball settlements quickly so their lawyers, or even paralegals, can handle dozens of insurance appeals or litigations at once.

We don’t do that.

Whether you have an insurance appeal or a litigation matter, you have a lawyer doing the work for you. This ensures that all steps of your appeal or litigation are handled by someone thinking strategically about your ultimate outcome and working to get you the biggest judgment or settlement possible.

When you choose Monahan Tucker Law, you choose to hire talent trained at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, working for YOU. It is an opportunity to turn the tables on your insurance company with its phalanx of lawyers. They may make you feel outgunned – until you hire Monahan Tucker Law.

Choosing Monahan Tucker Law means you get a counselor who knows exactly what your insurer is thinking and planning – because for well over a decade, she represented the insurers. We give you the chance to turn your insurer’s own weapon against them. We know what their next steps will be, because we used to be the ones advising them on those steps. And now we use that information to ensure your victory in court.

Why choose Monahan Tucker Law? Because you want lawyers who listen, who care, who partner with you, who understand what your insurer has put you through. But most of all, you choose Monahan Tucker Law because you want to win.

[1] One loss was a complaint seeking business shutdown damages during COVID, a position that courts uniformly declined to support. The other was an ERISA disability case where the question was whether a “project manager” should qualify for the benefit level offered to a “manager.”

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